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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 14, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PST

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with us a bit later for the morning news and of course "cbs this morning." from the broadcast center here in new york ci it's friday, february 14th, 2020, this is "cbs morning news". pushing back. attorney general william barr says president trump's tweets about the justice department made it impossible for him to do his job. reaction from the trump administration. more cases of coronavirus. another person in the u.s. has been diagnosed as the death toll climbs overseas. and deep freeze. tens of millions of americans will feel the bitter cold as temperatures plummet across the north and flooding hits the north and flooding hits the south. captioning funded by cbs good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. i'm anne-marie green.
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we begin with attorney general william barr's rare public criticism of his boss president trump. in surprise comments yesterday barr blasted mr. trump for tweets attacking the j justice department's sentencing recommendation for his friend roger stone. barr said the tweets are making it impossible for him to do his job, adding he's not going to be bullied or influenced by anyone. senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham stood by barr saying he has my complete confidence. the comments come after the justice department intervened and lowered stone's sentencing recommendation. all four prosecutors on the case then stepped down. naomi ruchim is in new york. what's the reaction from the white house? >> reporter: white house officials i pear to be caught offguard by barr's remarks. but the press secretary said the president wasn't bothered by the comments at all and that the president like any american has the right to publicly offer his opinions.
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attorney general william barr has a message for president trump. stop tweeting. >> i cannot do my job here at the department with constant background commentary that undercuts me. >> reporter: the head of the justice department, barr is under fire for overruling his prosecutors, recommending a lighter sentence for the president's long time ally roger stone. >> you think i need the president's tweet to tell me that seven to nine years is excessive. >> reporter: barr told abc news he never talked to the president. manmade the decision before president trump made the statement it was a miss carriage of justice. >> it illustrates how disruptive these tweets can be. >> reporter: stone is expected to be sentenced next week. he was convicted of seven charges stemming from the mueller investigation. >> they treated roger stone very
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badly. >> to have public statements and tweets made about the department make it impossible for me to do my job. >> reporter: the senate's top republican backed the nation's top prosecutor. >> maybe the president should listen to the attorney general. >> reporter: former prosecutor said the independence of the justice department is at risk. >> i think they are very concerned now about further political interference and particularly in a case that's a high-profile sensitive case. >> reporter: the white house says president trump still has confidence in barr. the president's press secretary also defended the president saying he uses social media very effectively. president trump hasn't yet said if he would pardon his friend roger stone. attorney general barr is scheduled to testify before the house judiciary committee on march 31st. thanks a lot. democratic presidential candidates are looking ahead to the nevada caucuses next week.
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meanwhile candidate michael bloomberg launched a new campaign. last night in houston he unveiled mike for black america. during his speech bloomberg apologized for the stop and frisk policy that he expanded as mayor of new york city. >> i defended it looking back for too long because i didn't understand then the unintended pain it was causing to young black and brown families and their kids. >> bloomberg tangled with president trump in a twitter war yesterday. last night he addressed mr. trump head on. >> mr. president, you can't bully me and i won let you bully the american people. >> on twitter mr. trump attacked bloomberg's height and energy, while bloomberg questioned the president's intelligence. this morning no signs the coronavirus outbreak has peaked as china reports new cases this morning. officials say there are more than 5,000 new cases and more
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than 120 new deaths in the past 24 hours alone. here in the u.s. the number of confirmed cases has risen to 15. the latest person infected is in texas. japan has confirmed its first death from the virus. the country also announced 44 new cases of the illness on a cruise ship that's still under quarantine. and now that brings the number of people infected on the ship to at least 218. in cambodia hundreds of passengers cheered today as they disembarked a cruise ship that was stranded at sea over virus fears. royal caribbean cruises announced it's cancelling 18 cruise us in southeast asia amid fears of the outbreak. back home carter evans has more on the patient in san antonio, texas. >> reporter: the latest person to test positive was on this flight to texas from the epicenter of the outbreak, after the 15th case of coronavirus in the u.s., the cdc has an urgent warning for americans. >> there may be additional cases
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that we identify. i do want to prepare you for that. >> reporter: 600 people are still quarantined on military bases including marine corp air station miramar where two evacuees have the virus. this 3-year-old's father worry his daughter could be infected. they were on one of the evacuation flights from china where the virus killed the little girl's grandfather. the largest concentration of cases outside of china is on this cruise ship docked in japan. kent frazier's wife is at a hospital after showing symptoms. concern on board the ship is growing. >> the longer they stay here the more likely they are to get it. >> reporter: members of the world health organization are meeting with top tech companies in silicon valley like google
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and facebook to make sure they are communicating the correct coronavirus information. the concern right now false rumors on social media are spreading faster than the virus itself. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> millions of people throughout the northern plains, midwest and south are feeling the effects of severe within weather. wind chill advisories have been issued for the great lakes region as an arctic blast sweeps through. flood warnings are in effect in several southern states. chris martinez reports the toll the severe weather is taking. >> reporter: a mud and rock slide caused a train carrying ethanol to jump off the tracks in kentucky after days of heavy rains. two crew members were trapped in the fiery wreckage while toxic fuel spilled into the river. kentucky's governor said more bad weather is on the way. flooding that hit the state last week was the worst since the '70s. >> we'll receive significant additional rain in the coming days.
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we also want to make sure people have that advanced warning. >> reporter: severe storms across nine states caused about two dozen rivers to flood throughout the south. part of a severe weather system moving across the u.s. frigid temperatures blanketed the midwest. in whiting, indiana the wind set waves over the shore line of lake michigan. extreme cold forced officials to cancel classes at several schools in wichita, kansas. and in des moines, iowa where it felt like 35 below, several water mains broke forcing street closures throughout the day. about 38 million americans are forecast to feel temperatures at or below zero fahrenheit through saturday. chris martinez, cbs news. the search for a 6-year-old girl in south carolina has ended. she disappeared earlier this week. yesterday her body was found.
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and the discovery of a second body is raising new questions. janet shamlian has details. >> reporter: even a seasoned officer could barely hold back tears. >> we're announcing we found the body that the coroner has identified as faye swetlik. >> reporter: her death is being treated as a homicide. detectives say they found a man dead in the same neighborhood during the investigation. they did not reveal his relationship, if any, to faye saying only there's no danger to the community and no arrests have been made. faye swetlik went missing from her front yard monday not long after she's seen getting off her school bus. her disappearance sparked massive response. 300 officers along with the fbi going door-to-door for clues. three of mike's children attend the same elementary school where she was a first grader. >> now you have to tell them tragic news. how will you explain that?
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>> tragic news is never easy. nothing prepares you for it. just cry with them. >> reporter: before releasing the news police first stopped here, springdale elementary. to share with those who saw her every day, faye wouldn't be coming back. >> detectives wouldn't answer any questions calling it an active investigation. but in that room this was not just police work. these officers were in pain like so many others in this community. janet shamlian, cbs news, cayce, south carolina. coming up on the morning national huricane center a man who served nearly 15 years for a murder he did not commit is set free after new dna evidence. and a winter warm up? this past january sets a record. this is the "cbs morning news". so strong. you power through chronic migraine, 15 or more headache or migraine days a month. one tough mother. you're bad enough for botox®.
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"new york times" reports a lawyer for harvey weinstein told jurors in his rape and sexual assault trial that harvey weinstein's accusers had a choice in their sexual encounters with him. during their five hour closing argument yesterday the attorneys said harvey weinstein was the victim of an overzealous prosecution and she also said prosecutors were acting like movie makers. she said they invented an alternative world in which women are not responsible for their own behavior. harvey weinstein who did not testify has maintained that any sexual encounters were consensual. prosecutors will present their closing arguments today. the "los angeles times" says recently developed dna techniques cleared a man of murder after he spent 15 years in prison. 54-year-old ricky davis was released from prison yesterday in california. he was convicted in a 1985 murder of a woman. dna from genetic testing helped
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lead to a new suspect. officials say it's the only second time in u.s. history this type of family tree dna link exonerated a person. davis had always maintained his innocence. britain's "guardian" reports last month was the earth's hottest january. it was since began keeping records 140 years ago. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says last month's average temperature was more than two degrees above the 20th century average. it blames climate change. parts of russia and scandinavia and eastern canada temperatures exceeded averages by nine degrees. still to come, a recall of insulin pumps. a warning about devices linked to thousands of injuries and one death. njuries and one death. where can a healthier heart lead you? for people with heart failure taking entresto, it may lead to a world of possibilities.
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ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs money watch" a recall of insulin pumps and amazon has a rosy deal for valentine's day. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: today investors will get a closer look at one part of the economy. report on january retail sales is due today.
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stocks closed down yesterday on renewed fears over the coronavirus. the dow dropped 128 points, the nasdaq fell 13, the s&p 500 lost five. medtronic is recalling 300,000 insulin pumps. it's because of a missing or broken component which can lead to incorrect insulin dosing. the problem is linked to one death. more than 2,000 injuries have been reported. patients should contact medtronic for a replacement pump. the u.s. has hit chinese technology giant huawei with new charges. according to an indictment, huawei is now facing charges of racketeering. and also conspiracy to steal trade secrets. a third charge says it tried to have engaged in wire fraud to steal intellectual property. they deny the claim. southwest airlines pushed its plan to return the grounded
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boeing 737 max until august. the cancellation of 9% of southwest daily summer flights, nearly 400 daily flights. they planned to return the airplane to its fleet in june but the timetable shifted as boeing said regulators won't clear the plane until late 2020. and it's not too late to score flowers for your valentine. amazon prime customers can get a dozen roses for $20 at whole foods. the only problem with me is going to whole foods to buy flowers you know i'll go to the cheese department to see if there's any samples. before you know it your $70 in the hole and your valentine's day gift isn't purchased yet. >> reporter: oh, yeah, whole
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paycheck. >> maybe i'll try amazon. and try to avoid that. diane king hall at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot. a dramatic pool rescue caught on video. we'll show you how good samaritans stepped in to save a drowning child. ritans stepped in to save a drowning child. i've always been the ringleader had a zest for life. flash forward, then ra kept me from the important things. and what my doctor said surprised me. she said my joint pain could mean permanent joint damage. and enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop that joint damage. ask about enbrel so you can get back to being your true self. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common. or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure or if you have persistent fever,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. what's your emergency? >> we have an emergency in the pool. we need ems here immediately. >> that's the 911 call from a scary moment at a hotel pool in michigan last month when a 2-year-old slipped under water. at first no one seemed to notice until a girl alerted her brand mother who yelled for help before diving in. two off duty nurses performed
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cpr and revived the child. ute to ke bryant at this weekend's genesis invitational. >> well played hole. the host here this week, tiger woods, off to a great start. >> you can see the 8th hole flag is purple and gold a nod to bryant. the tournament is held not far from where bryant died. morning" in our series american wonders we'll take you on a tour of an ice castle in the colorado rockies. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news". morning news". what a time to be alive.
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our top stories this morning. attorney general william barr blasted the president for tweets attacking the justice department's sentencing recommendation for his friend roger stone. barr said the tweets are making it impossible for him to do his job. adding he's not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody. last night the white house said mr. trump has full faith and confidence in barr. and this morning china is reporting more than 5,000 new coronavirus cases and more than 120 new deaths in the past 24 hours. in the united states there are now 15 confirmed cases. the latest person infected is in san antonio, texas. a senate measure to limit president trump's war powers on iran has passed with bipartisan support. but the president is likely to
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stop it from becoming law. catherine johnson reports from capitol hill. >> the joint resolution as amended is passed. >> reporter: the senate passed a war powers resolution thursday that would require the removal of u.s. armed forces from hostilities in iran wihin 30 days unless approved by congress. >> bipartisan majority of senators don't want the president waging war without congressional approval. >> reporter: the resolution was sponsored by virginia senator tim kaine. >> we have a special obligation to make sure that we deliberate and deliberate carefully before we send troops into harm's way. >> the iranians will interpret a vote in favor of this resolution as tying the president's hands and that would lead iran to believe once again that it can get by with anything. >> reporter: eight republican senators crossed party lines to vote in favor of the resolution. the senate version moves over to the democrat controlled house where it could pass by the end of the month. the house passed a similar
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measure last month. >>t's a little different from ours but we'll take it up. >> reporter: president trump is expected to veto the resolution if it reaches his desk. >> we know it's going to be vetoed. it takes a two-thirds majority to override that. it's not going to happen. >> reporter: the war powers resolution on iran was triggered after a u.s. air strike in iraq last month killed qassem soleimani. iran retaliated days later. air strikes on iraqi air bases where u.s. troops were housed. the president announced no one was killed or seriously hurt but in the weeks following nearly 100 service members have reported traumatic brain injuries. catherine johnson, cbs news, capitol hill. coming up on "cbs this morning" we'll speak with democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders as he looks ahead to the nevada caucuses. plus why some teachers unions want to end a certain type of active shooter drill in schools. in our series american wonders we'll take you on a tour of an
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ice castle in the colorado rockies. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. a gay. -- captions by vitac --
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